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damping Anlamı

  • The reduction in amplitude of an oscillation or vibration.
  • Adjustment to suspension's shock absorbers Controls the speed of the suspension's response to a bump.
  • The process of applying water to the lithographic plate on a litho printing machine Also the application of moisture to paper in preparation for a subsequent process, e g supercalendering.
  • Reducing vibration.
  • Damping is the dissipation of vibratory energy in solid media and structures with time or distance It is analogous to the absorption of sound in air.
  • The manner in which the pointer settles at its steady indication after a change in the value of the measured quantity There are two general classes of damped motion, as follows: Periodic, in which the pointer oscillates about the final position before coming to rest Aperiodic, in which the pointer comes to rest without overshooting the rest position The point of change between periodic and aperiodic damping is called 'critical damping ' An instrument is considered to be critically damped when overshoot is present but does not exceed an amount equal to one half the rated accuracy of the instrument.
  • Materials, design, and mounting techniques used to reduce ringing in the transducer.
  • The reduction of vibratory movement through dissipation of energy Types include viscous, coulomb, and solid.
  • Reducing the volume of a note by touching the strings or using a built-in damping mechanism.
  • The reduction of the magnitude of resonance by the use of some type of material The damping material converts' sound to energy, then disperses the energy by converting it to heat. the reduction of movement of a speaker cone, due either to the electromechanical characteristics of the speaker driver and suspension, the effects of frictional losses inside a speaker enclosure, and/or by electrical means.
  • The reduction of the magnitude of resonance by the use of some type of material 2.
  • Refers to the ability of an audio component to 'stop' after the signal ends For example, if a drum is struck with a mallet, the sound will reach a peak level and then decay in a certain amount of time to no sound An audio component that allows the decay to drag on too long has poor damping, and less definition than it should An audio component that is overdamped does not allow the initial energy to reach the full peak and cuts the decay short 'Boomy' or 'muddy' sound is often the result of underdamped systems 'Dry' or 'lifeless' sound may be the result of an overdamped system.
  • The reduction of response at the resonant frequency through the use of a damping media such as oil Usually specified as the ratio of critical damping.
  • The reduction in amplitude of a wave due to the dissipation of wave energy.
  • The suppression of oscillations or disturbances; the dissipation of energy with time See viscous damping.
  • In resonant circuits, the decay of oscillations due to the resistance in the circuit.
  • Causing vibrations to stop, usually by the use of friction In suspension systems, this is commonly done either by direct rubbing friction, or by pistons forcing fluids through small openings.
  • Dissipation of oscillatory or vibratory energy with motion or with time Critical damping Cc is that value of damping that provides most rapid response to a step function without overshoot Damping ratio is a fraction of Cc.
  • Diminishing the intensity of vibrations.
  • sale at reduced prices. dumping.
  • dumping.
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