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pas Anlamı

  • Profile Alignment System: This is a technique for using non electro-optical linked access technology for aligning fibres for splicing.
  • Perris Auto Speedway, located in Perris, CA.
  • Pascal source code file.
  • PlaNet Administration System Refers to the portion of the PlaNet system that will be used by administrators to keep employee and location records up-to-date.
  • Patient Administration System One of the earliest components of a hospital computer system which records the patient's name, home address, date of birth and each contact with the outpatient department or admission and discharge.
  • The computerized database of all property for which Carnegie Mellon has responsibility. Precommissioning Assessment System.
  • Pseudo Aircraft Simulation.
  • PAS is the mainframe, central University system used to enter requisitions, place orders, and make payments for travel, purchasing equipment, materials, services, etc Getting started with PAS. Dance step Used often in ballet, as in pas de deux, meaning dance for two.
  • Program announcement with set-aside funds.
  • a step in dancing.
  • rust. tarnish. corrosion. iron oxide. blemish. smear.
  • Right of going foremost; precedence. a step in dancing.
  • A pace; a step, as in a dance.
  • rust.
  • rust. pass.
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