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aba Anlamı

  • Applied Behavior Analysis, a therapeutic intervention for children with autism and other pervasive developmental disorders. a loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth; worn by Arabs. a fabric woven from goat and camel hair.
  • Australian Broadcasting Authority A Commonwealth regulatory authority responsible for broadcaster licensing and regulating content of broadcasting and narrowcasting services under the Broadcasting Services Act 1992.
  • Australian Broadcasting Authority. a fabric woven from the hair of camels or goats A loose sleeveless outer garment worn as traditional dress by men in the Middle East If you are not sure where the Middle East is located, you may wish to find a map from our World section.
  • An extension of the AB choreographic structure: after the B phrase, the piece returns to an altered version of the A phrase, which can be manipulated by changing the tempo, rhythm, length, or dynamics of the movement, or by fragmenting, repeating, or changing the order of the sequence. acronym for American Bridge Association, one of the governing bodies for organized bridge in America.
  • Application Building Act.
  • American Bar Association Headquartered in Chicago, the ABA offers educational programs, publications, and services relating to all facets of the practice of law.
  • A three-part compositional form in which the second section contrasts with the first section The third section is a restatement of the first section in a condensed, abbreviated, or extended form.
  • Australian Bankers Association. in the US, is a national credential conferred by Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation to professionals who specialize in supporting the financial needs of individuals and small to medium sized businesses ABA is the only nationally recognized alternative to the CPA Most accredited individuals do not perform audits Generally, they are small business owners themselves In addition to general accounting work, CPAs are also heavily schooled in performing audits; however, only a small fraction of America's businesses require an audit In general, a CPA has majored in accounting, passed the CPA examination and is licensed to perform audits An ABA has majored in accounting, passed the ABA comprehensive examination and in most states is not licensed to perform audits.
  • The Australian Broadcasting Authority is a federal regulatory body, which regulates the use of the broadcasting services bands under the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 and the Radiocommunications Act 1992.
  • American Bus Association; comprised of bus companies, operators and owners.
  • American Bar Association.
  • See: American Booksellers Association.
  • American Booksellers Association A trade association of publishers and booksellers.
  • American Bus Association. a digital code used by the American Bankers Association to define a bank.
  • American Bakers Association. American Bankers Association. American Bar Association.
  • American Bus Association.
  • American Bankers Association.
  • silence cloth.
  • a fabric woven from goat and camel hair a loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth; worn by Arabs.
  • coarse woolen cloth.
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