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org Anlamı

  • Official Recreation Guide.
  • Organizations.
  • When these three letters appear on the end of an address or web site , it indicates that the host computer is run by a specific organization, usually non-profit. nonprofit organizations. organization address.
  • Organizational structure diagram; represents the structure of organizational units , positions, resources, etc ; used in business modeling. in the 'org' sub-domain;.
  • Domain typically affiliated with organizations Example: www npr org for National Public RadioGlossary.
  • Not For Profit Organizations.
  • For fiscal reports, the 4-digit account ORG code; for project reports, the 4-digit Responsible ORG code An organization, which belongs to one responsibility center, is a subdivision of the University created for management purposes.
  • This is a URL suffix This means that the site specified is a non-profit organization An example could be: www nonprofit org.
  • Generic top-level domain Unrestricted, but mainly used by nonprofit organizations.
  • The top level domain designated for miscellaneous entities that do not fit under any of the other top level domains Typically used for non-profit organizations One of the worldwide top level domains [see also: Top Level Domain].
  • Organization.
  • A suffix indicating a non-profit organization domain. non-profit organization. org is a global TLD that was originally intended for not-for-profit organizations Currently, any individual or organization can register a domain name in the org Top Level Domain.
  • The top-level domain originally intended for non-profit organizations, but anyone may now register a domain ending in org. : A domain name suffix denoting an abbreviation for organization Internet sites which don't fall into any other category are given the domain name of org Org usually indicates that the site belongs to a non-profit, non-governmental organization.
  • organ.
  • organ. pipe organ erganun. organ.
  • barrel organ.
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