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Kelime Anlamı 

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graben Anlamı

  • to burrow , to sink , to trench , ditch , fosse , graben.
  • An area between two parallel faults that is lower than that on the other side of the faults. a sunken area between two roughly parallel faults The faults converge toward one another below the surface, so that they look like the letter 'V' in cross section Graben are the result of tension in the crust. n an elongate, flat or nearly flat valley between normal faults; down dropped blocks forming valleys in an area of extensional stress.
  • A block of rock that lies between two faults and has moved downward to form a depression between the two adjacent fault blocks See also horst.
  • An elongate part of the Earth's crust bounded by faults on its long sides and relatively down-dropped compared to its surroundings. a down-dropped block of the earth's crust resulting from extension, or pulling, of the crust See also horst.
  • An elongate crustal block that is relatively depressed between two fault systems.
  • An elongate, relatively depressed crustal unit or block that is bounded by faults on its long sides.
  • An elongated, relatively depressed crustal unit or block that is bounded by faults on its sides.
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