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partner Anlamı

  • mate , offsider , pard , partner , mates , pards.
  • A professional or a team that contributes in the provision of a service Project partners are those who work on a specific project Tech partners are those that provide a specific technical infrastructure.
  • A practitioner who is deemed to be a partner by the HA under the provisions of Regulation 24. the other member of one's partnership.
  • Partnerships will exist as mutually beneficial business relationships with potential revenue sharing possibilities.
  • The person with whom the Insured Person lives at the same address and with whom they have a domestic relationship.
  • An organization or customer representative with whom AID works cooperatively to achieve mutually agreed upon objectives and intermediate results and to secure customer participation Partners include private voluntary organizations, indigenous and other international non-governmental organizations, universities, other USG agencies, multilateral organizations, professional and business associations, and private businesses.
  • An addressable component of a locality; that is, code to which messages can be sent See also locality.
  • Players on the same side in the same group or match.
  • A key system made by Lucent for small applications.
  • The player with whom one plays as a side against the other two players.
  • One of the two players on a doubles team.
  • A lawyer who has become an owner of the firm and is paid a percentage of the firm's profits that reflects the lawyer's contribution to the firm Sometimes called a shareholder or equity member of the firm.
  • In Benchmarking, organizations that actively participate in a benchmarking study by replying to questionnaires or participating in interviews.
  • Means, in relation to a person who is the member of a couple, the other member of the couple.
  • Two programs joining together to allow members to accrue miles or points in one or both programs Also may allow members to use accumulated miles or points to redeem awards with the partner Partners may be accrual partners only, award partners only or both.
  • Partners are public and private non-profit organizations that collaborate with DWD in providing services to our customers, the citizens of Wisconsin DWD often has a contractual relationship with partners that is based on enabling legislation such as W-2 or Child Support. an individual, organization, agency, unit of Government, or entity that participates with and contributes to REE in performance of mission-related projects of mutual interest such as land grant and state universities.
  • A 'partner' is a player associated with another player on the same side In a threesome, foursome, best-ball or four-ball match, where the context so admits, the word 'player' includes his partner or partners.
  • MassNetworks' goal is to make networked computers as commonplace a curriculum tool as pencils and blackboards To accomplish this requires created an electronic infrastructure including Local Area Networks connecting all the classrooms in every school, Wide Area Networks connecting all the major buildings in a town, and hooking it all to the global Internet Partner schools are those who have made the commitment of staff, funds, and other resources to build LANs by Oct 26, 1996 or by April 5, 1997 In response to this commitment to work over the summer and implement most of the job by mid-October, MassNetworks will work with private firms to provide heavily discounted or free equipment and services as well as technical assistance and training for the Partner schools.
  • The organisation in the project country with which the funding agency collaborates to achieve mutually agreed upon objectives Partners may include host country governments, local and international NGOs, universities, professional and business associations, private businesses, etc.
  • An organization or individual with which/whom the Agency collaborates to achieve mutually agreed upon objectives and to secure participation of ultimate customers Partners include host country governments, private voluntary organizations, indigenous and international non-governmental organizations , universities, other U S Government agencies, United Nations and other multilateral organizations, professional and business associations, and private businesses and individuals.
  • Business associate who shares equity in a firm.
  • a person's partner in marriage. an associate who works with others toward a common goal; 'partners in crime'. a person who is a member of a partnership. provide with a partner. act as a partner; 'Astaire partnered Rogers'.
  • partner.
  • To associate, to join. a person who is a member of a partnership provide with a partner act as a partner; 'Astaire partnered Rogers'.
  • A framework of heavy timber surrounding an opening in a deck, to strengthen it for the support of a mast, pump, capstan, or the like.
  • See Partnership.
  • An associate in any business or occupation; a member of a partnership.
  • Hence: A husband or a wife. Either one of a couple who dance together. One who shares as a member of a partnership in the management, or in the gains and losses, of a business.
  • One who has a part in anything with an other; a partaker; an associate; a sharer. 'Partner of his fortune.' Shak.
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