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disk Anlamı

  • When referring to the sun, it is the visible hemisphere.
  • A circular metal platter or mylar diskette with magnetic material on both sides that stores programs and data Disks are rotated continuously so that read/write heads mounted on movable or fixed arms can read or write programs or data to and from the disk See also floppy disk, hard disk.
  • This spelling refers to any disk-based storage media, such as your computer's hard drive, a floppy-disk, and other storage media like Syquest or Zip cartridges.
  • A magnetic storage medium A disk is round and flat and functions a bit like a cassette tape does - by permanently storing files and information that you can use or play back later.
  • A disk is a circular-shaped material with a magnetic coating that can be used for storing data Most microcomputers have two types of disks: floppy disks and hard disks Floppy disks can be removed from the computer, while most hard drives are not removable. now a 3-1/2' flexible magnetic platter onto which data can be stored, contained within a rigid plastic case, earlier floppy disks were 5-1/4' or 8' and contained within a cardboard cover.
  • Magnetic medium for data storage; see floppy disk and hard disk.
  • A storage medium consisting of a spinning disk coated with magnetic material for recording digital information. A magnetic recording medium A magnetically coated platter that stores programs and data files [The two main types of disks are hard disks and floppy disks ]. 1) A round flat object coated with material that can be magnetized in a similar manner to tape 2) Any round flat object capable of storing audio signals or digital data, including phonograph records and compact discs.
  • The rotating platter on which data is stored in a hard drive It consists of a thin, ridged substrate of metal or glass on which is deposited a thin layer of magnetic material.
  • In computing, a thin disk coated with magnet material, on which information can be recorded Sometimes spelled disc. A round platter, or set of platters, of a magnetized medium organized into concentric tracks and sectors for storing data such as files See also disc.
  • An electromagnetic storage medium for digital data.
  • Magnetic medium on which a computer stores information Disks include hard disk, floppy disk, removable disks, etc.
  • Magnetic storage media.
  • A round, flat plastic or metal object, coated with a magnetic material, on which digital information can be recorded Compare with: disc See also: floppy disk, hard drive, disk.
  • A two-dimensional surface defined by an origin and two vectors that define the major and minor radii of the disk Defined by the TQ3DiskData data type.
  • Rotating magnetic media which supports direct or random access; cf floppy disk, hard disk.
  • A disk, or floppy disk, is small, square, and about the size of a baseball card It's usually made from plastic and metal, and you can keep information on it If you are listening to a song on the radio and want to save it for later, you might use a cassette to tape the song A disk works in a similar way, but with your computer.
  • A storage system for computers There are two types of disks in common use on computers: Floppy and Hard Floppy disks are the limited storage devices used to initally boot up your computer, and used by many as a convient way to loose data and spread viruses The name 'Floppy' comes from the flexible mylar used as a backing for the magnetic material, whereas hard disks use ridgid aluminum platters Many people mistakenly consider the 3 5' floppies 'Hard disks' because of their 'hard' shell surrounding the media, compared to the old 5 25' and 8' floppies, which were very clearly floppy This is incorrect, but understandable if you have never shreaded a 3 5' disk to see the guts.
  • A medium for storing information Information stored on a disk remains there even when you turn your computer off, unlike information stored in memory A floppy disk can be inserted and removed from a floppy disk drive, whereas a hard disk is permanently mounted inside its drive.
  • The surface of the Sun or other celestial body projected against the sky.
  • A disk is a physical object used for storing data It will not forget its data when it loses power It is always used in conjunction with a disk drive Some disks can be removed from their drives, some cannot Generally it is possible to write new information to a disk in addition to reading data from it, but this is not always the case.
  • The visible surface of the Sun projected against the sky.
  • something with a round shape like a flat circular plate. a flat circular plate. sound recording consisting of a disc with continuous grooves; formerly used to reproduce music by rotating while a phonograph needle tracked in the grooves. a memory device consisting of a flat disk covered with a magnetic coating on which information is stored. draw a harrow over.
  • disk. discus. disc.
  • In owls, the space around the eyes. a flat circular plate something with a round shape like a flat circular plate.
  • The lower side of the body of some invertebrates, especially when used for locomotion, when it is often called a creeping disk.
  • A part of the receptacle enlarged or expanded under, or around, or even on top of, the pistil.
  • The central part of a radiate compound flower, as in sunflower.
  • The whole surface of a leaf.
  • A circular structure either in plants or animals; as, a blood disk; germinal disk, etc.
  • The circular figure of a celestial body, as seen projected of the heavens.
  • A flat, circular plate; as, a disk of metal or paper.
  • A discus; a quoit.
  • disc. discus.
  • disc.
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