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sam Anlamı

  • Slot Allocation Message. scanning acoustic microscopy.
  • Scanning Auger Microprobe.
  • Service Access Multiplexer.
  • Sequential access method QSAM and BSAM are MVS sequential access methods which can be used to store or retrieve data in a continuous sequence SAM can be used with CICS extrapartition transient data data sets In CICSPlex, system availability monitoring. surface to air missile.
  • A black boy who works for Will Varner in The Hamlet.
  • Sewer Authority Midcoast -- a Joint Powers Agreement agency which operates the sewer plant on behalf of Half Moon Bay, GSD, and MSD. system administration manager.
  • Secure Applications Module A device used on some e-Purse schemes to authenticate transactions.
  • The traditional uniform of kung fu.
  • System Administration Manager.
  • Service Access Management- An organization whose obligation is to administer Early Intervention services in Berks County to autistic and PDD children from birth to age 3, and in a separate dept age 3-5 SAM can provide, MA and SSI forms, a list of wrap-around service providers, information on grants, waivers and general information through your assigned caseworker.
  • System Analysis Model which produces predicted flows at projects on the Columbia and Snake Rivers based on power and flood control requirements This model is administered by the BPA.
  • Surface-to-Air Missile.
  • Stratospheric Aerosol Measurements.
  • SAM is UTA's telephone registration system You will need a touch-tone telephone and the schedule of available registration times to use SAM SAM will also allow you to check your accounts receivable balance and pay your bills via credit card The SAM telephone number is 817-272-2726. surface-to-air missile.
  • Sometimes used abbreviation for scanning Auger microscope or microprobe, an ultrahigh vacuum scanning electron microscope with an electron energy spectrometer for detecting and analysing the Auger electrons emitted from the top surface layers of the sample.
  • Shriffrin's theory of memory, which holds that memories are retrieved as a function of their strengths of association to cues.
  • A Shared Appreciation Mortgage In exchange for receiving a below-market interest rate on your mortgage, you promise to give your lender a certain portion of the value that your property will gain.
  • Surface to Air Missile.
  • Secure Access Manager Secure Access Manager gives network administrators granular control over the security functions of the entire network directly from the central site Through this Windows-based application, network administrators can configure the Secure Access Firewall off line and download the configuration to remote locations The menu-driven program enables network administrators to easily configure the firewall on the network.
  • An acronym for Security Accounts Manager, a Windows NT subsystem that maintains a database of user account names and passwords for authentication.
  • a guided missile fired from land or shipboard against an airborne target.
  • Together.
  • simoom. simoon.
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