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Kelime Anlamı 

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dolmen Anlamı

  • A stone-age structure consisting of two vertical stones supporting a slab of stone The most well-known dolmens are the 'gateways' at Stonehenge, England. a prehistoric megalith typically having two upright stones and a capstone.
  • A large boulder resting, typically, on three smaller stones These boulders can range from one ton to many ton monstrosities These constructions are manmade, but who or when is unclear A second style of dolman is glacier created, and is more correctly called a perched rock to differentiate it from a human construction Both, however, often have colored stones placed underneath them like an offering or donation. a group of huge upright stones with a capstone on top, the remains of a Neolithic chambered tomb.
  • An older Breton term for a Megalithic tomb from two words dol and men meaning stone table. [arch] Tomb of very large upright stones capped with a massive horizontal slab.
  • A megalithic chambered tomb, with a large flat stone laid on upright ones.
  • A megalithic tomb with one large flat stone laid on several upright stones Dolmens were usually originally covered by an earthen hill or barrow.
  • cromlech. dolmen.
  • See Cromlech. a prehistoric megalith typically having two upright stones and a capstone.
  • A cromlech.
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