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Kelime Anlamı 

Türkçeden İngilizceye Çeviri Sonucu

su Anlamı

  • Service Unit.
  • A command that substitutes another user's login for that of the user who invoked the command, logging in the invoking user under the substituted login The invoking user must know the login password for the user whose login is being substituted If no other user's login is specified, the command substitutes the root login.
  • FFEL Stafford Unsubsidized.
  • Subscriber Unit. abbr Signaling Unit.
  • Signals Unit.
  • Abbreviated form of Skinner Union, supplier of carburettors on six-cylinder Land-Rovers.
  • Service User The end user at the customer premises.
  • Special Unitary group of n x n matrices. Companies in the economic censuses in which the establishment and the company are one and the same See also MU.
  • The 3-dimensional Lie group of 2 x 2 unitary matrices; the most common Lie group in mathematics and physics after the circle. the building letter code for the Surge Research Building, 90 Medical Center Way, San Francisco. A UNIX utility for temporarily switching users during a session Requires a password.
  • Status uncertain, often because of low search effort or cryptic nature of the element.
  • sites in the ex-Soviet Union. switch user.
  • water. public utilities. public utility services. utility stock. tons deadweight. adam's wine.
  • water. aquatic. aqueous. aqua. juice. bourne. bourn. hydric oxide. adam's ale. hydro-. head. impervious.
  • water. aquatic. aqueous. water. aqua. juice. bourne. bourn. hydric oxide. adam's ale. hydro-.
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