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pal Anlamı

  • An abbreviation for phase-alternating line, PAL is the color television system used throughout most of Europe and many places around the world pixel An individual picture element.
  • A colour television transmission system used in Australia. Color TV system used by many Asian and European countries, including the UK - see CCIR.
  • The Phase Alternate by Line colour TV format used in the UK and in most of Europe, where each frame has 625 lines comprised of two interlaced fields.
  • The standard by which TV is broadcast in Europe It has a theoretical maximum resolution of 625 lines Also has an aspect ratio of 4:3/1 33:1, and in some places 16:9/1 78:1.
  • Phase Alternate Line, a video format used in most parts of the world for television.
  • A 625-line 50 Hz TV standard used in most of Europe and Australia.
  • Phase Alternate Line.
  • A European video out standard to display images on a TV screen.
  • Phase alternating line The current Australian analog transmission standard is PAL system B The PAL system consists of 625 lines per frame, only 576 of which are displayed.
  • Phased Alternate Line, analog standard for television transmission , frame 4:3, 625 lines.
  • A 50 field video format used primarily in Europe,.
  • Phase Alternating Line.
  • Phase alternate line.
  • A color television standard or timing format developed in West Germany and used by most other countries in Europe, including the United Kingdom but excluding France, as well as Australia and parts of the Far East PAL uses a total of 625 horizontal lines per frame Each field refreshes at 50 Hz PAL encodes color differently from NTSC PAL stands for Phase Alternation Line or Phase Alternated by Line, by which this system attempts to correct some of the color inaccuracies in NTSC See also NTSC.
  • Short for Phase Alternation Line, the dominant television standard in Europe delivering a resolution of 625 lines at 25 frames per second. A composite color standard similar to NTSC, except that the v-axis subcarrier reference signal inverts in phase at the horizontal line rate.
  • Abbreviation for phase alternation by line A composite color standard used in many parts of the world for TV broadcast The phase alternation makes the signal relatively immune to certain distortions Delivers 625 lines at 50 frames per second PAL-plus is an enhanced-definition version.
  • Phase Alternating Line PAL is the European standard for television transmission.
  • Phase Alternating Line A European conventional colour television standard, which evolved from the American NTSC standard The term 'Phase Alternating Line' refers to the technique used to overcome the colour variations that can occur in the NTSC system.
  • Phase Alternate Lines: colour TV standard used in most European countries and widely throughout the world.
  • The European standard for color television transmission, calling for 625 lines of information, scanned at a rate of 25 frames per second.
  • Phase Alternate Line video standard used in Europe and other parts of the world for composite color encoding, using 625 lines at 50 fields per second with a 4 438 MHz color subcarrier, although other scanning systems may be used.
  • Phase Alternating Line system A color television system used in Europe, Australia, parts of Africa and the Middle East It has 625 horizontal scan lines and 25 frames per second.
  • a close friend who accompanies his buddies in their activities. become friends; act friendly towards. Standard broadcast signal received by Televisions in many European countries The main difference between NTSC, the television standard used in the United States, and PAL is that NTSC delivers 525 lines of resolution at 60 half-frames per second, whereas PAL delivers 625 lines at 50 half-frames per second.
  • A mate; a partner; esp., an accomplice or confederate. become friends; act friendly towards.
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