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malt Anlamı

  • paints.
  • A cereal grain, usually barley, that has undergone a period of germination and drying.
  • For our purposes, barley that has been allowed to germinate before being roasted The concentrate we use in brewing is made from this malt.
  • Malted barley, the main ingredient of our beer.
  • Germinated barley is called 'malt'.
  • The process of soaking grain until it sprouts then drying the germinating grain is referred to as 'malting' with the end product known as 'malt' This process is highly controlled, enabling the 'maltster' to create a multitude of different malts each contributing to color, flavor, body, clarity, aroma, etc to the finished beer.
  • A grain that is sprouted, dried, and ground into a powder with a mellow, slightly sweet flavor The powder may be used in making beer, vinegar, distilling liquor, and is an additive to many foods.
  • IS A GRAIN WHICH HAS BEEN SPROUTED AND DRIED MALT EXTRACT IS SUGARS AND CARBOHYDRATES WHICH HAVE BEEN OBTAINED FROM MALT IN A 'COOKING' PROCESS AND THE REMOVAL OF MOST OR ALL OF THE WATER MALT EXTRACT SYRUP OR DRIED MALT EXTRACT MASH IS THE PROCESS OF MIXING MALT WITH WATER AT VARIOUS TEMPERATURES TO HAVE ENZYME ACTIVITY CONVERT THE CARBOHYDRATE OF THE MALT INTO FERMENTABLE SUGARS. A name given to a grain - usually barley, sometimes rye - which has undergone a process of artificial growth This is achieved by steeping in cold water and then allowing to germinate Rapid drying arrests the growth The grain will then be rich is a sugar-type chemical compound on which yeast can feed to produce alcohol The simple name given to malt whisky; a whisky made entirely from malted barley, be it single malt or vatted malt Mash:.
  • A cereal, usually barley, wheat or triticale which is partially germinated under controlled heat and humidity then heat treated to form a powder Malt is also available in liquid form, malt extract Malt is rich in maltose, enzymes and flavour and therefore is an excellent ingredient for bread to aid fermentation, volume and flavour top of page.
  • A powder made by germinating, drying, and grinding grains Enzymes are added during the process to partially convert the starch to sugar This creates the sweet-tasting malt used in brewing, distilling, yeast-making, and vinegar.
  • Primary ingredient in beer brewing that is produced by allowing barley, among other grains, to begin germination before it is kilned, or heated in an oven, to stop the process.
  • Barley or other grain which has been soaked with water, allowed to sprout, and then dried Sprouting allows development of the enzymes that bring about starch conversion in the mash.
  • Barley that has been processed for the purpose of converting the insoluble starch to the soluble substances and sugars Three factors determine the quality of malt: 1-its protein content must be as low as possible, 2-its starch content must be as high as possible, 3-its germinative power must be superior.
  • Grain, usually barley, that has been allowed to sprout, used chiefly in brewing and distilling An alcoholic beverage, such as beer or ale, brewed from malt.
  • Grain soaked in water to soften it, induce germination, and activate its enzymes The malt is then used in brewing and distilling.
  • Barley or other grain that has been malted.
  • Grain which has been allowed to sprout, then dried The most common types of malt used in brewing are barley malt, and wheat malt.
  • a milkshake made with malt powder. a lager of high alcohol content; by law it is considered too alcoholic to be sold as lager or beer. a cereal grain that is kiln-dried after having been germinated by soaking in water; used especially in brewing and distilling. treat with malt or malt extract; 'malt beer'. turn into malt, become malt. convert grain into malt. convert into malt.
  • to acquie wealth malt.
  • To become malt; also, to make grain into malt. a cereal grain that is kiln-dried after having been germinated by soaking in water; used especially in brewing and distilling a lager of high alcohol content; by law it is considered too alcoholic to be sold as lager or beer convert into malt convert grain into malt turn into malt, become malt treat with malt or malt extract; 'malt beer'.
  • To make into malt; as, to malt barley.
  • Relating to, containing, or made with, malt.
  • It is used in brewing and in the distillation of whisky.
  • Barley or other grain, steeped in water and dried in a kiln, thus forcing germination until the saccharine principle has been evolved.
  • malt.
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