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Kelime Anlamı 

Türkçeden İngilizceye Çeviri Sonucu

kin Anlamı

  • Abdomen. paran.
  • Kinematics files 'contain animation that moved from one key frame to another, and allow the developer to model movements in the development tools rather than in the game code ' 4.
  • FI -kin. groin. n kin, family [OE cynn].
  • Blood relatives.
  • Kingfish.
  • The word for the Sun Also one day in the Maya Calendar.
  • A blood or marriage relative; as in 'next of kin' refers to the closest relative. chemical/x-kinemage -- Kinemages or 'kinetic images' were developed to be distributed with Protein Science Journal They allow the authors of the images to communicate ideas based on three dimensional information Different views can b e used to emphasize points.
  • a person having kinship with another or others; 'he's kin'; 'he's family'. group of people related by blood or marriage. related by blood.
  • grudge. deep resentment. rancour. deep-seated enmity. to bear sb a grudge. to bear a grudge against sb. animosity. antagonism. ill feeling. gall. hate. hatred. particular malice. rancour rancor. venom.
  • The unit velocity in the C.G.S. system a velocity of one centimeter per second. group of people related by blood or marriage a person having kinship with another or others; 'he's kin'; 'he's family'.
  • Of the same nature or kind; kinder.
  • Relatives; persons of the same family or race.
  • Relationship, consanguinity, or affinity; connection by birth or marriage; kindred; near connection or alliance, as of those having common descent.
  • A primitive Chinese instrument of the cittern kind, with from five to twenty-five silken strings.
  • A diminutive suffix; as, manikin; lambkin.
  • animosity. antagonism. feud. gall. grudge. hatred. hostility. malice. rancour. spite. venom.
  • grudge. rancour. rancor. spite. hate. enmity. animosity. animus. antagonism. despite. gall. hatred. hostility. ill-feeling. malevolence. malignity. resentment. revenge. venom. venomousness. virulence.
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