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Kelime Anlamı 

Türkçeden İngilizceye Çeviri Sonucu

memorandum Anlamı

  • memorandum , minute , note.
  • Document setting out main objects of the company and its powers to act.
  • OF TRUST A document, usually recorded, which shows that a trust has been created, names the TRUSTEES and successor trustees, and states their powers, and lists the property subject to the trust It is sometimes called a Certificate of Trust. 1 An informal discussion of the merits of a matter pending in a lawyer's office usually written by a law clerk or junior associate for a senior associate partner Also called an Office memorandum.
  • The Memorandum of Association of an IBC, equivalent to articles of incorporation.
  • An informal note or instrument embodying something the parties desire to have in written evidence.
  • Sometimes also referred to as a 'Bidder Acknowledgment' or 'Broker Acknowledgment', the memorandum is signed by those parties either on the auction floor or in the contract room.
  • A written communication much like a letter but having no salutation or complimentary ending Usually used within or between offices of the same organization.
  • A Memorandum title is a nonnegotiable title issued when you bring a vehicle from out-of-state, have a lien on the vehicle and your lienholder has possession of your out-of-state title A Memorandum title is not valid unless accompanied by the previous out-of-state title.
  • Sometimes also referred to as a 'Bidder Acknowledgment,' or 'Broker Acknowledgment,' the memorandum is signed by those parties either on the auction floor or in the contract room.
  • a written proposal or reminder.
  • memo.
  • A brief or informal note in writing of some transaction, or an outline of an intended instrument; an instrument drawn up in a brief and compendious form.
  • A record of something which it is desired to remember; a note to help the memory.
  • memorandum.
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