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Kelime Anlamı 

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tempo Anlamı

  • clip , pace , speed , tempo , time.
  • Beats per minute, as would be determined by a metronome [NOTE: Some Europeans use the term 'tempo' to refer to what in English is more correctly called Pace ].
  • The chess equivalent to time involving moving pieces and keeping the initiative An example of a lost tempi is moving a piece twice in the opening before developing the rest of the army When moving a piece twice, the opponent is said to 'gain a tempi' because he can take that extra move and secure his position, have a lead in development or begin an attack.
  • Rate of speed or pace of music Tempo markings are traditionally given in Italian; common markings include: grave ; largo ; adagio ; andante ; moderato ; allegro ; vivace ; presto ; accelerando ; ritardando ; and a tempo.
  • A term referring to how fast or how slow a piece is played which is quantified in beats per minute.
  • The speed of a piece.
  • Speed or pace of dance or music; the use of slower and faster beats and steps. the speed at which a piece or passage of music is played.
  • The speed, at which a tune is played, measured in BPM.
  • The speed of the music: Slow, Medium, Fast normally measured by the number of beats per minute.
  • How fast a piece of music goes How many beats, or pulses, there are in a minute.
  • The speed at which music is played, designated in measures per minute and the number of beats per measure, or in beats per minute.
  • The rate at which the music moves measured in Beats Per Minute. the speed of a musical passage or composition.
  • The rate of speed in a musical work. the rate of speed at which a musical composition is to be performed. the rate of speed at which a musical composition proceeds Usually uses a quarter note as the timing reference.
  • The speed at which a Musical Instrument Digital Interface file is played Tempo is measured in beats per minute ; typical MIDI tempo is 120 BPM See also Musical Instrument Digital Interface.
  • The speed of a piece of music.
  • The rate of speed at which a musical composition is performed Tempo is indicated by a tempo marking , which describes the general speed of a piece or section Allegro , andante and adagio are common tempo markings.
  • The speed of music. the speed of a musical piece Henry Reed discusses tempo in his performance of a clog, pointing out that the tempo should be moderate to enable the dancers to keep up with the music.
  • the speed at which a composition is to be played. the rate of some repeating event.
  • tempo. beat.
  • The rate or degree of movement in time. the speed at which a composition is to be played the rate of some repeating event.
  • beat. movement. tempo. time.
  • tempo.
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