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sis Anlamı

  • Secret Intelligence Service, British Foreign Intelligence Service. a female person who has the same parents as another person; 'my sister married a musician'.
  • Superannuation Industry Act 1993 This is now the governing legislation for superannuation funds, approved deposit funds and pooled superannuation trusts The trustees of these entities must comply with SIS in order for the funds to be concessionally taxed.
  • Solid State Imaging Spectrometer A type of detector on ASCA There are two SISs called SIS0 and SIS1.
  • Standard Interface Specification.
  • Superannuation Industry Act, 1994 This is the act which regulates superannuation funds It prescribes prudential standards for trustees and establishes regulations for complying funds.
  • Systems Integration Services - in the Bureau of Information Technology Services , Administrative Services Division - Responsible for coordination between customers and BITS sections and project management.
  • Shuttle Imaging Spectrometer.
  • Student Information System.
  • Senior Intelligence Service of the CIA, which assigns the executive ranks equivalent to a general in the military So an SIS-1 is equal to a one-star general.
  • Student Information System See Banner.
  • fog. mist. haze. bank. haziness.
  • See Sise.
  • Six.
  • A colloquial abbreviation of Sister.
  • fog. mist.
  • fog. mist. haze. mistiness. haziness.
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