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lep Anlamı

  • The Large Electron-Positron collider, the world's largest particle accelerator, which is 26 7 km in circumference and some 100 metres underground, situated at CERN LEP collides electrons and positrons at energies sufficient to produce the Z and W particles, carriers of the weak force.
  • Light Emitting Polymers.
  • Students are those who have been found to be eligible for bilingual education.
  • Locally Entered/Engaged Personnel Civilian personnel working for one of the Armed Forces or directly for the Ministry of Defence who are recruited at overseas MOD locations normally for work at those locations Also includes Gurkhas.
  • Licensed Environmental Professional.
  • Acronym for Limited English Proficiency This is a term for students who need additional instruction in English for academic purposes.
  • Large Electron Positron.
  • Housed at CERN, the LEP is the largest particle accelerator in the world Its tunnel, which is 27 km in circumference, is buried 100 m underground At four separate Points four gigantic detectors - ALEPH, DELPHI, OPAL and L3 - measure collisions between electrons and positrons.
  • Limited-English-proficient A national-origin-minority student who is limited-English-proficient This term is used in Idaho legislation for state funding Therefore is used in all state documents.
  • CERN's 100 GeV Large Electron-Positron collider, started in 1989, and due to stop at the end of 2000 Its collision energy has now been upgraded to 202 GeV.
  • Limited English Proficiency.
  • Limited English Proficient A student who was not born in the U S or whose native language is a language other than English; comes from an environment where a language other than English is dominant; and has such difficulty speaking, reading, writing, or understanding the English language that the difficulty may deny the student the opportunity to learn successfully in classrooms where the language of instruction is English Native Americans, Alaskan Natives, and migratory students are eligible Now more commonly referred to as an English Language Learner.
  • A subset of LM--those from language minority households who are not proficient in English One estimate of the number of LEP students is drawn from Census questions that ask about individual's home language use and spoken English proficiency Federal programs and school systems may also identify as LEP students those who have difficulty not only in speaking English, but also in reading, writing, or understanding it The proportion of LM students who are LEP is estimated by various sources as one-fourth,1 one-third,2 or as large as one-half to three-fourths 3.
  • Limited English Proficient.
  • The Large Electron Positron collider, the world's largest particleaccelerator, which is 26 7 km in circumference and some 100 metres underground,situated at CERN LEP collides electrons and positrons atenergies sufficent to produce the Z and W particles, carriers of theweak force.
  • Leaped.
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