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saf Anlamı

  • System Authorization Facility An MVS facility for routing authorization requests to RACF or equivalent system security packages.
  • Abbreviation for Subantarctic Front.
  • School Advisory Forum SAC: School Advisory Committee.
  • Store and Forward A technique where transactions are captured and stored in a bucket for later transmission to a remote system Typically used where transaction involve connecting to remote machines and the delay of doing this should be defferred until convienent.
  • Society of American Foresters.
  • System Authorization Facility An MVS interface invoked by CICS to communicate with an external security manager, such as RACF.
  • Server Application Function An API for server software See also NSAPI.
  • Sub-chief of Bum.
  • Scrapie Associated Fibrils.
  • Spouse Acceptance Factor The amount of time married scientists are allowed to spend away from home, in the office, at the lab, talking about physics at social events, going to the South Pole, attending conferences, etc , before the spouse says 'ENOUGH!!!!!!'.
  • Scrapie associated fibrils These are the fine structures, seen under the electron microscope that are only found in brains of TSEs.
  • Scrapie associated fibrils These are the fine structures, seen under the electron microscope that are only found in brains of TSEs It has been suggested that they are the infective agents themselves, as infectivity can be filtered out with a filter small enough to stop the SAF.
  • absolute. clean. fine. guileless. gullible. line. pure. row. sheer. unadulterated. ingenuous. credulous. refined. neat. purified. clarified. genuine. full. unblended. net. unblemished. white. sterling. spotless. rank. array. artless. chaste. element.
  • credulous. absolute. array. artless. clear. confiding. fond. green. guileless. gull. gullible. ingenuous. innocent. line. lineup. naive. pure. rank. simple. simpleminded. trustful. unadulterated. virgin.
  • pure. unadulterated. unmixed. absolute. all. fine. genuine. refined. distilled. simple. naive. ingenuous. innocent. deceivable. harmless. simple-hearted. simple-minded. unsuspicious. artless. candid. clean. clear. credulous. dewy-eyed. elemental. ele.
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