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Kelime Anlamı 

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rop Anlamı

  • Run of Press Also known as Run of Publication or Run of Paper A purchase of advertising space in a printed medium such as a newspaper or magazine where the location is determined by the publisher's best fit.
  • Short form for run of paper, sometimes a term used for Display Advertising advertisements published in any position throughout the newspaper/magazine convenient to the make-up of the publication, as distinguished from Classified.
  • A brokerage firm employee who supervises registered representatives regarding their client's options account activities and their solicitation of new options clients.
  • A two-color card that can run any second color for cost effectiveness.
  • ROP is an eye disease that occurs in some premature babies that can result in varrying degrees of detached retina and blindness.
  • Run of paper An advertisement ordered R O P may be placed on any page in any section of a publication.
  • Rate of penetration.
  • Acronym for retinopathy of prematurity.
  • Run of paper or run of press Denotes advertising that appears within the newspaper itself. The logical operations performed on portions of the bit planes--called bitmaps or pixmaps--in the frame buffer These operations perform fundamental movements and transfers of pixel data See also bit BLT. run-of-paper, a term used to describe display advertising placed throughout the paper, as opposed to classified ads which appear in categorised sections, usually in the middle or back of a newspaper.
  • woman's one-piece dress.
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