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oda Anlamı

  • A standard, defined by both ISO and the CCITT, which allows documents containing graphics, text, spreadsheet data and so on to be passed between computers and software of different manufacturers.
  • Official Development Aid, or government-funded help by rich countries for poor ones ODA levels have fallen constantly since the 1992 Earth Summit, which reaffirmed a 1969 target of contributing 0 7 percent of gross national product per year Only four countries have met this goal. operational detachment alpha.
  • Open Document architecture.
  • A document exchange format.
  • Open Document Architecture.
  • Official Development Assistance Used to help countries in need but is often used for political gain.
  • Until 1990 known as Office Document Architecture A standard for defining document components for interchange between differing word processors and desktop publishing systems An attempt to classify the features of such systems It combines a structure view of the document , with a layout view that specifies where on the page, and possibly on which page, an object appears.
  • Overseas Development Administration.
  • Office Document Architecture.
  • Overseas Development Administration.
  • Official development assistance.
  • Overseas Development Administration, UK. official development assistance.
  • Official Development Assistance.
  • chamber. room. association. society. organization. accomodation. apartment. half pension.
  • room. chamber.
  • room. chamber. apartment.
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