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format Anlamı

  • calibre , format , size , stature.
  • Documents shall be prepared on A4 80 gsm copier paper and/or the form of electronic media specified in the requirements Each page of a document shall be numbered in Arabic numerals consecutively from Section 1 to the appendices Documents may be printed on one or both sides of each page On single sided documents the document control number shall be on the top right hand side For double sided all even pages shall have document control numbers on the top left hand side and on odd pages on the top right hand side Each page prior to Section 1 shall be numbered in lower-case roman numerals. the organization of information according to preset specifications. the general appearance of a publication. set into a specific format; 'Format this letter so it can be printed out'. determine the arrangement of for storage and display. divide into marked sectors so that it may store data; 'Please format this disk before entering data!'.
  • The size or shape of a negative or print The term usually refers to a particular film size, for example 35mm format, but in its most general sense can mean simply whether a picture is upright or longitudinal Cameras are usually categorized by the format of the film they use. the assignment of each of the data elements of a data object to a field or sub-field and to a specific location or address in a given physical medium or in a device [610 0-G-5] [620 0-B-1].
  • Radio: This is the actual content of the station's broadcast News, Black, Classical, Middle of the Road , Top 40 Hits, and Country are some of the varied and changeable formats It is the most important factor in determining a station's listenership and the resulting demographic characteristics of the audience.
  • A particular way to store information on a computer You may need special programs to read certain formats, such as Microsoft Reader to read lit files and Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader to read ebx files.
  • An orderly, structured arrangement of data elements that is necessary to produce a larger entity, such as: a list, record, table, file, or dictionary Also, it is the term that describes the preparation of a magnetic disk to allow it to accept digital data.
  • The set of unique bit-string patterns of Zeros and Ones corresponding to the set of data characters used in magnetic stripe encoding; many different data formats are used, the best known being the ANSI/ISO BCD and ALPHA formats.
  • REQUIRED FIELD The format in which UCSF holds the material: print, image file, web-based image file [Dublin Core Metadata Mapping: Format].
  • Refers specifically to tape sizes and qualities, and generally to classes of video equipment Popular video formats in decreasing order of quality and expense are: Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam, 3/4'SP, S-VHS, Hi8 and VHS.
  • To format media is to prepare the media for use with a particular file system When you format media, you overwrite any existing information on the media. The system used for storing a file on disk Different programs use different methods of recording identical information The layout and arrangement of tracks and sectors on a disk Sometimes also applied to the layout or arrangement of graphics and/or text on a page or screen.
  • Preparing a disk for use by your hardware and operating system Also called Initializing When the computer initializes a disk, it also destroys any information already there Formatting also refers to the way text is set up on a page The way information is structured in a file, often specific to a particular application.
  • A Format, in VoyForums, is a Forum option which chooses how to show the messages in the message index and replies VoyForums provides four different formats: Super-Compact, Compact, Medium, and Verbose Super-Compact displays the Author, Subject, and Date of the very first message in each thread -- a user must click on the message to view the rest of the thread Verbose displays every message with its full information Please select the format names to read about each Format specifically.
  • Traditionally, the approximate size and shape of the book as defined by the number of times the printed sheet is folded before binding Since sheet paper size and shape varied, so did the size and shape of the book Despite this, it is standard today for catalogers to use format to describe the size of the book One fold produced a Folio, two folds: Quarto, three folds: octavo, 4 folds: sextodecimo Duodecimo is a common format between 8vo and 16mo, but the folding method varies and is too complex to describe here 32mo and 64mo also exist, but these are very small books 8vo is what most people think of a 'Normal sized' book A folio is a large book, noticably taller than wide A quarto is oversized, usually 'squarish' format Specific dimensions are probably more practical, but the book world is not dedicated to practicality 12mo and 16mo are commonly pronounced as the abbreviations read, ie, 'twelvemo'.
  • The organization of information according to preset specifications [syn: formatting, data format, data formatting] [16].
  • Low Level Formatting is the process of dividing the tracks on a disk into sectors Each track begins with an index mark, each sector has a sector identification field that is several bytes long, which contains the sector addresses and other overhead data required by the format In addition, between the identification field and data fields of each sector are synchronization bytes, which allow the read/write head to synchronize with the rate of data transfer coming off the track High-Level Formatting distinguishes operating systems.
  • Columns contain information in one of four types; users can specify how they want a query to format information it retrieves from character, number, date, or long columns For example, they can choose to have information of type date appear as 14/08/90, or Tuesday Fourteenth August 1990, or any other valid date format.
  • The pattern in which data are systematically arranged for use on a computer 6 A file format is the specific design of how information is organized in the file For example, DLG, DEM, and TIGER are geographic data sets in particular formats that are available for many parts of the United States 6.
  • Two types of formats are available A physical format and a logical format -Physical format: Physical format is to write data defined in ISO in three tracks of each of the inner and outer circuits of the user area set as a Defect Management Area DMA contains information on user band setting and the area to which error information is to be written Full compatibility is guaranteed for any disks physically formatted according to the ISO standard regardless of the manufacturer -Logical format: Logical format is to write data on the disk information required for a system such as a host and OS and software to handle the disk When a system reads this information, the disk is recognized Disks need to be formatted both physically and logically However, in general, each format is manufacturer specific and the compatibility is lower than it could be.
  • Formatting a disk organizes the magnetic surfaces into tracks and sectors In word processing, format refers to the physical appearance of a document, and includes such items as margins, line spacing, etc In Excel, format refers to how numbers are shown.
  • The pattern into which data are systematically arranged for use on a computer A file format is the specific design of how information is organized in the file For example, ArcInfo has specific, proprietary formats used to store coverages DLG, DEM, and TIGER are geographic data sets with different file formats.
  • Format strings are used to control the appearance of output in the printf statement Also, data conversions from numbers to strings are controlled by the format string contained in the built-in variable CONVFMT See section Format-Control Letters.
  • The shape and size of a book; hence, its external form. the general appearance of a publication the organization of information according to preset specifications divide into marked sectors so that it may store data; 'Please format this disk before entering data!' determine the arrangement of for storage and display set into a specific format; 'Format this letter so it can be printed out'.
  • format.
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