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ses Anlamı

  • Secondary Emissions Standard. severely errored seconds Seconds during which the bit error ratio is greater than a specified limit and transmission performance is significantly degraded A performance monitoring parameter is measured on a per-channel basis.
  • Sports Education Service of the Australian Sports Commission. A second that has an equivalent error ratio greater than 1-in-1,000 In SF, a second with one or more LOSs or frame sync losses, six or more framing bit errors, or 1,544 or more BPVs In ESF, a second with one or more LOSs or frame sync losses, 320 or more CRC-6 errors, or 1,544 or more BPVs On unframed circuits, a circuit with one or more LOSs, or 1,544 or more BPVs.
  • Shelf Edge Study Part of LOIS project.
  • SCSI Enclosure Services are an ANSI X3 T10 standard for temperature and power monitoring of disk enclosures for enhanced data protection.
  • Severely Errored Second. abbr Service Evaluation System.
  • Student Employment Services.
  • Severely Errored Seconds: A unit used to specify the error performance of T carrier systems This indicates a second containing ten or more errors, usually expressed as SES per hour, day, or week This method gives a better indication of the distribution of bit errors than a simple Bit Error Rate Refer also to EFS See also Source End Station.
  • Spongiform encephalopathy.
  • Senior Executive Service.
  • Senior Executive Service. means the Senior Executive Service.
  • audio. sound. voice. tone. noise. audiovisual aids. blur. clatter. cry. murmur.
  • noise. sound. tone. voice. cry. note.
  • sound. sonic. phonic. audio. vocal. acoustic. sound. voice. noise. tone. cry. call. shout. clatter. sonance. vocal. vox. phono-. sono-.
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