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Kelime Anlamı 

Türkçeden İngilizceye Çeviri Sonucu

bu Anlamı

  • Footwork/Stances. martial art.
  • Butadiene-binder.
  • Bushel. the grade of a coin without any signs of wear that has never been in circulation. Martial.
  • Business Unit.
  • Martial. buried. footwork/stances. martial arts. bushel. ilding Amenities: Each building has something to offer its owners or tenants These are called amenities Amenities can be basic such as a doorman or as unique as high speed Internet access Other common amenities include garages, valet services, health clubs, pools, recreational rooms, laundry facilities, etc. 'Martial' See Budo.
  • In Aikido, Bu signifies valor and indomitable spirit, not contention and strife Aikido is the ultimate expression of Bu, which originally meant to keep two weapons from coming together.
  • Short for Brilliant Uncirculated. 'Military' or 'warrior ' A concept denoting the entire military dimension of feudal Japan. 'Military' or 'warrior ' A concept denoting the entire military dimension of feudal Japan.
  • Bulgaria.
  • abbreviation for bushels. abbreviation for Brilliant Uncirculated.
  • this. that alters matters.
  • such. this.
  • present. this. quod.
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