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Kelime Anlamı 

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ham Anlamı

  • According to Genesis, a son of Noah and the father of Canaan , Ham was considered the progenitor of various nations in Phoenicia, Africa, and West Arabia 'The land of Ham' is usually taken to be Egypt. janbon.
  • Sanskrit word meaning the gross body or instrument of the soul The soul is the doer and the gross body is the instrument Ham also refers to the ego. The nearest tasting to Chinese ham Very salty. n daging babi.
  • One of the sons of Noah; he abused his father and Canaan, his son, was cursed for it.
  • A hind leg of pork/hog cured in various ways The leg is cut from the carcase and brined seperately Ham may be cooked, raw or smoked The french term Jambon refers to ham and also to a leg of fresh pork see also Ham pictures see also cooking a Ham. an amateur radio operator; not no be confused with DXer and DXing.
  • meat cut from the thigh of a hog. son of Noah. a licensed amateur radio operator. an unskilled actor who overacts. exaggerate one's acting.
  • raw. crude. unrefined. unripe. green. / unrefined. unripened. uncultivated. rough. out of training. immature. rusty.
  • The thigh of any animal; especially, the thigh of a hog cured by salting and smoking. meat cut from the thigh of a hog an unskilled actor who overacts a licensed amateur radio operator son of Noah.
  • The region back of the knee joint; the popliteal space; the hock.
  • Home.
  • crude. raw. rough. rude.
  • crude.
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