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Kelime Anlamı 

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diploma Anlamı

  • An official-looking document conferring a degree on a person or certifying that the person has adequately completed a prescribed course of study. a qualification in the vocational education and training and higher education sectors See also Australian Qualifications Framework.
  • Granted to students who complete the total curriculum or course other than designated associate or certificate courses.
  • The certificate issuesd by a University testifying that the recipient has successfully completed a course of study.
  • A certificate issued by a high school, college, etc indicating graduation or the conferring of a degree In certain instances a diploma may be required when applying for a mortgage.
  • An undergraduate award usually requiring three years of full-time, or equivalent part-time, study.
  • A document awarded by the IBO to a student who successfully completes all course work as required and passes all exams taken in the six subjects from the hexagon Three exams are taken at Higher Level and three are taken at the Standard Level In addition, students complete CAS, write an extended essay of 4000 words and complete the Theory of Knowledge course. literally means something folded Diplomas used to be written on parchment, folded, and sealed The word is applied to licences given to graduates to assume a degree, to clergymen, to physicians, agents, and so on.
  • An official piece of paper given by colleges and high schools to students when they complete a specific course of study.
  • A formal document certifying the successful completion of a prescribed program of studies.
  • Educational recognition given for the successful completion of two-years study at a college, technical institute or vocational college Prepares students for work in a specific field or group of occupations.
  • Graduate program for which the minimum admission requirement is a baccalaureate, and which has fewer requirements than a masters.
  • A qualification awarded for a course of higher education.
  • Inscribed bronze tablet about, 130mm by 130mm, and the recording the official honourable discharge of troops after 25 years service, and the grant of privileges These privileges included citizenship for each man, his children, and the legalisation of his marriage Diplomas name the units, the men concerned, the emperor, the governor, and are normally dated to a specific day and year; the are consequently exceptionally useful sources of evidence for provincial governors and garrisons The tablet was fastened to another, bearing the names of witnesses, and sealed to ensure its authenticity Each diploma was a miniature copy of the original set up in Rome The term is a modern one, using the Latin word for an official letter of recommendation or favour written by the emperor or a magistrate.
  • In many countries the academic status associated with a Diploma is very high, being equivalent to that of a good university degree at the Masters level For example, the Dip Ing is the title conferred upon the University Geodetic Engineer in Germany, Finland and elswhere In the UK by contrast, the word 'diploma' alone has a lower connotation only a little higher than that of a 'certificate' If it is associated with an adjective: such as 'postgraduate' a much higher status is accorded.
  • A graduate diploma involves study in an area different from that of your first degree and is usually at undergraduate level A postgraduate diploma involves further studies in the same area as your first degree, at a more advanced level.
  • A certificate awarded when a learner completes a defined set of requirements.
  • a document certifying the successful completion of a course of study. 1 An academic qualification received after completing a diploma program 2 The actual document certifying that a student has completed their degree or diploma Also known as a parchment.
  • diploma.
  • A letter or writing, usually under seal, conferring some privilege, honor, or power; a document bearing record of a degree conferred by a literary society or educational institution. a document certifying the successful completion of a course of study.
  • diploma.
  • diplomaed. certified. dip. dipl. diploma. certificate. degree. sheepskin.
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