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nova Anlamı

  • A faint star that suddenly becomes bright, becoming visible from where no star had been seen before Only two or three novae are discovered each year Most novae are binary stars.
  • Star that suddenly erupts into an object of great brilliance, surpassing the Sun's luminosity by a factor of hundreds of thousands to millions of times and then fading more slowly.
  • A type of suddenly brightening star resulting from explosive brightening when gas is dumped from one member of a binary star pair onto the other.
  • A star that suddenly and temporarily brightens, thought to be due to new material being deposited on the surface of a white dwarf.
  • An explosion on the surface of a binary star because of a chain reaction.
  • A star which suddenly flares up to many times its original brightness before fading again.
  • An existing star which suddenly increases its brightness by more than 10 magnitudes and then slowly fades O.
  • A star which, from natural causes, experiences a sudden increase in brightness Stars experiencing an explosive increase are called supernovas.
  • A star that explodes, temporarily increasing its brightness 100000 or more.
  • A star which suddenly becomes many times brighter than previously, and then gradually fades.
  • A star that flares up to several times its original brightness for some time before returning to its original state.
  • A star that abruptly increases in brightness by a factor of a million A nova is caused in a binary star system where hydrogen-rich material is transferred to the surface of a white dwarf until sufficient material and temperatures exist to kindle explosive nuclear fusion.
  • nova.
  • Such appearances are supposed to result from cosmic collisions, as of a dark star with interstellar nebulosities. a star that ejects some of its material in the form of a cloud and become more luminous in the process.
  • A new star, usually appearing suddenly, shining for a brief period, and then sinking into obscurity.
  • nova.
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