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logos Anlamı

  • logos.
  • Greek In debate, appealing to reason, a sense of logic. A symbol for Christ, the word incarnate, or 'word made Flesh:' which is also called 'the Word of God'. the divine word of God; the second person in the Trinity.
  • Word, speech, account, ratio, reason; cognate with Greek legein to speak, tell, say, gather, choose. which is the appeal of the evidence or the reasoning process, involves finding good reasons, often expressed in because-clauses, for an argument Students may benefit from a brief review of the section in Chapter 2 that covers purpose as a link between actual and ideal situations before considering good reasons in logos. the term used by classical philosophers to describe the principle of rationality or law that they observed operating in the universe.
  • Traditionally, the LOGOS in John 1 1 was translated as 'the Word,' but the Greek 'LOGOS' can also be translated as 'Reason' which is defined below.
  • A Greek term meaning both 'word' and 'reason,' used by Greek philosophers to denote the rational principle that creates and informs the universe Amplified by Philo Judaeus of Alexandria, Egypt, to represent the mediator between God and his material creation, as Wisdom had been in Proverbs 8:22-31, the term found its most famous expression in the prologue to the Fourth Gospel to denote the prehuman Jesus-'the Word became flesh and dwelt among us'.
  • Greek for 'word,' a term that came to be applied particularly to Jesus Christ as the divine Word made flesh. a Greek word meaning intelligence, wisdom, God, spirit, fire, and order The Apostle John identified Jesus as the Logos in The Gospel of John. , 'word, language, discourse; reason, argument; an account, etc ' One of the most polysemous words in the Greek language Used of the pre-existent Christ in John 1.
  • Recommended CCACC logos to use on Official Pages OR on Unofficial Pages only as a link to the CCACC Home Page. A symbol for Christ, the word incarnate, or 'word made Flesh:' which is also called 'the Word of God' Lord's Prayer The prayer taught by Christ in the Sermon on the Mount It begins with the phrase 'Our father ' and is the most common Orthodox prayer.
  • Greek for 'word', associated in Hellenistic Jewish thought with divine wisdom, as God's creative presence In Stoic thought, logos was understood as the ordering principle of the universe In the prologue of John's Gospel, the Logos is made incarnate. A symbol for Christ, the word incarnate, or 'word made Flesh:' which is also called 'the Word of God'. word, reason, plan; divine reason as the source of order in the world.
  • God The Cosmic Being Who ensouls a planet , a solar system , a galaxy and so on to infinity. the impersonal, discriminating factor that characterizes male psychology and a woman's animus See Eros.
  • The divine Word; Christ.
  • A word; reason; speech.
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