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argon Anlamı

  • A gas which, when mixed with mercury, is used in fluorescent lamps and neon tubes In neon tubes, the combination of gases creates a blue color In a neon tube by itself, argon is a pale lavender. an inert gas that makes up less than one percent of air.
  • An inert gas used in incandescent and fluorescent lamps Inincandescent lamps it helps to retard evaporation of tungsten filament. a dense gas generally used to insulate drysuit diving Not for breathing purposes.
  • An inert gas that makes up less than one percent of air.
  • A gas and air constituent used to fill insulating units to increase thermal performance in windows.
  • A colorless, odorless element Uses include shield in arc welding, furnace brazing, electric and specialized light bulbs and for use in geiger-counting tubes, and lasers Hazard: May cause dizziness and drowsiness and rapid suffocation In liquid form, is extremely cold and may cause frostbite. a nontoxic gas that is heavier than air, therefore it reduces the transfer of heat and cold It also reduces noise.
  • An inert, nontoxic gas used in insulating windows to reduce heat transfer.
  • An inert gas typically used in deposition systems.
  • Argon is a natural element that comes in a gaseous form It will not react with other elements so it makes a good air-replacement insulator for use in experiments Small amounts of argon exist in the Earth's atmosphere.
  • A colorless, odorless, non-toxic gas used to fill the airspace between panes of Insulating Glass The addition of argon greatly increases the thermal performance of a window by minimizing heat transfer.
  • A colorless, odorless inert gas sometimes used in the spaces between the panes in energy efficient windows This gas is used because it will transfer less heat than air Therefore, it provides additional protection against conduction and convection of heat over conventional double -pane windows.
  • No compounds of it are known, but there is physical evidence that its molecule is monatomic.
  • It has a characteristic spectrum.
  • Symbol, A; at. wt., 39.9.
  • A colorless, odorless gas occurring in the air , in volcanic gases, etc.; so named on account of its inertness by Rayleigh and Ramsay, who prepared and examined it in 1894-95.
  • A substance regarded as an element, contained in the atmosphere and remarkable for its chemical inertness.
  • argon.
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