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ur Anlamı

  • One of the world's oldest cities, in Sumer, Ur was the ancestral homeland from which Abraham and his family migrated to Haran, although some scholars have suggested a northern location for the Abrahamic Ur Archaeologically, the Sumerian Ur is notable for its well-preserved ziggurat and 'royal cemetery,' whose tombs have yielded a number of beautifully crafted artwork, furniture, jewelry, and other sophisticated artifacts. an ancient city of Sumer located on a former channel of the Euphrates River.
  • Untested assertion of required feature.
  • Undergraduate Resident: Appears on U-Bill behind tuition charge This indicates the student is an undergraduate and an Iowa resident May also say 'GR' meaning a graduate and an Iowa resident. : In Glasgow and West Central Scotland, ur is a spoken form of are Ur youse no ready yet?.
  • Abbreviated affectation of speech used by SNERTs and some SNERFs for the normal English words 'You're' and 'Your ' Frequently used by Fundies in the formulation of sound rebuttals such as, 'UR Mama' or 'UR an idiot '.
  • User Requirement abbreviation for the documentation.
  • Utilization review: A program used in managed care plans to reduce unnecessary medical services An individual or organization, on behalf of an insurer, reviews the necessity, use, appropriateness, efficacy or efficiency of health care services, procedures, providers, or facilities.
  • Uruguay Round.
  • Utilization Review.
  • Utilization Review.
  • tumour.
  • The urus. an ancient city of Sumer located on a former channel of the Euphrates River.
  • growth. tumour. wen. tumor. excrescence.
  • tumor. tumour. wen. neoplasm. growth. excrescence. tuberosity. vegetation.
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