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Kelime Anlamı 

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tekke Anlamı

  • A large Turkoman tribe currently inhabiting the northeastern part of Iran and the area around Herat in Afghanistan 19th century rugs are very sought after by collectors today and the rugs' designs are usually of brownish red fields decorated with rows of repeated guls Asymmetrical knots are used on a double wefted wool foundation Warps are usually ivory and the wefts are brown Knot counts are high The Tekke gul is an indented octagon.
  • The dominant Turkmen tribe in the second half of the nineteenth century, makers of a great variety of refined weavings Their carpets, eagerly collected by Europeans, were baptized 'Royal Bukhara' by merchants wishing to enhance their appeal.
  • Lit 'corner,' a dervish gathering place, synonymous with Khaniqah and Zawiyya.
  • dervish lodge.
  • dervish lodge. can. jug. poky.
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