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Kelime Anlamı 

Türkçeden İngilizceye Çeviri Sonucu

tat Anlamı

  • did , act , action , deed , exploit , feats.
  • Sanskrit word meaning that.
  • That.
  • Technical Applications Team.
  • Transient Occupancy Tax; tax revenue created by hotels.
  • TransATlantic.
  • Assumes equally spaced cells arriving at an anticipated rate Cells that arrive too early are considered non-conforming. shelf made of wire mesh or burlap used to spread the leaves out for withering and fermentation.
  • Theoretical Arrival Time. transactivator of transcription, a gene of HIV that plays a role in viral replication by regulating the transcription of viral DNA into RNA; also the protein produced by that gene.
  • Text attribute table for an annotation subclass in a coverage In addition to user-defined attributes, the TAT contains a sequence number and text feature identifier See also feature attribute table.
  • flavo r. sweetness. sweet taste. delight. flavour. pleasure. relish. salt. savour. spice. zest.
  • A pony. make lacework by knotting or looping.
  • Gunny cloth made from the fiber of the Corchorus olitorius, or jute.
  • flavour. relish. salt. savour. taste. zest.
  • gustatory. taste. flavor. flavour. relish. savor. savour. sapidity. sauce. savoriness. savouriness. sweet. zest.
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