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Kelime Anlamı 

Türkçeden İngilizceye Çeviri Sonucu

ta Anlamı

  • Translation Aids.
  • Travel Agent. abbr Test Access.
  • French maker of cranks, chainrings and pedals.
  • Adapter to connect client devices to ISDN services.
  • Teaching Assistant. tension by applanation TOV transcient obscuration of vision.
  • Technical Arrangement/Tasking Authority.
  • Territorial Army.
  • These graduate students assist faculty members with courses In some cases, they may teach a course.
  • Teaching Assistant A graduate student who assists a faculty member to grade homework and supervise undergraduate laboratories A TA is not permitted to teach a course at UT.
  • Technical Assessment. terminal adapter. 1 test alert 2 terminal adapter.
  • Travel Authorization Travel order that shows authorization for TDY travel or other official travel, provides a 'should cost' estimate.
  • Total Average.
  • Teaching Assistant, usually a graduate student, who leads undergraduate tutorials or seminars.
  • Terminal Adapter Connecting equipment between the Terminal Equipment and the phone, e g a PCM/CIA card A TA may contain a phone book.
  • Terminal AdapterISDN hardware with serial data interface.
  • TAs are usually graduate students who help teach recitations and laboratories in their major area.
  • Terminal Adapter. An ISDN-compatible device that converts non-ISDN transmission to ISDN transmission See also TE.
  • a hard gray lustrous metallic element that is highly corrosion-resistant; occurs in niobite and fergusonite and tantalite.
  • ever since. from way back. date back to.
  • To take.
  • until. even as far as.
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