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site Anlamı

  • A collection of interconnected web pages from one company, organization, etc.
  • The location of a web page on the Internet In WWW, it is called a website and identified by its URL.
  • A location on the web containing HTML documents which can be used by viewers using a browser.
  • A host on the Internet which allows remote access by such protocols as http, ftp, telnet, or gopher A site may consist of a single page or many pages under a common site name Whether two addresses with a common site name are one site or more than one may vary depending on your point of view For example, to some, all pages at the Internet Service Provider nexusdesign com might be considered one site But an individual who has set up personal web pages at people nexusdesign com will refer to his or her pages as 'my web site '.
  • A place on the Internet Every web page has a location where it resides which is called its site. 1) A single unit where hazardous substances have been deposited, stored, disposed of, or placed An NPL site is also defined as consisting of all contaminated areas within the area used to define the site, and any other location to or from which contamination from that area has come to be located The NPL site would include all releases evaluated as part of the HRS analysis 2) As defined by the Relative Risk Site Evaluation Primer, a site is a discrete area where suspected contamination has been verified, requiring further response action A site by definition has been, or will be, entered into the Navy Restoration Management Information System.
  • A place on the Internet Every web page has a location where it resides which is called its site Web sites are normally combination of several web pages, and every site has an address usually beginning with 'http:// '.
  • Can refer to a web page, a location of information such as a telnet or ftp.
  • A place on the Internet Every web page has a location where it resides which is called it's site And, every site has an address, for example acornwebs co uk is the domain name of our site.
  • Features of a place related to the immediate environment on which the place is located.
  • The geographic location of a single base station or repeater in a radiocommunications system Multiples sites may be used to provide extended system coverage In a multi-site configuration with call hand-off between base stations, base stations are located so that the coverage areas of individual stations overlap in order to facilitate continuous coverage over a wide coverage area.
  • Refers to a location on the Internet where you can find some particular type of information For example, an 'FTP site' might be an FTP server like ftp netins net.
  • In Windows 2000, one or more reliable and fast TCP/IP subnets Setting up Windows 2000 sites allows you to configure Active Directory access and a replication topology to take advantage of the physical network.
  • A collection of pages Oddly enough, since the Web really is a Web, you can make a site which includes pages from other sites, or which includes pages which are not physically on the same computer Of course, this must always be done with respect to intellectual property.
  • A site is a place on the World Wide Web where information can be located These are pages that can host a personal homepage, with pictures, information, and apps Both personal and business pages can be found on these Many times pics on these pages are put in the form of a gallery for easier viewing Though all design and creation is usually accomplished offline on a personal computer, they must be put online for everyone else to view Sites can be stored on the personal computer, however usually posted to a company that hosts their site Usually there are also links to other peoples URL's as well, which really creates the network of the WWW.
  • A place on the Internet Every web page has a location where it resides which is called it's site And, every site has an address usually beginning with 'http:// '.
  • A place on the Internet or World Wide Web It refers to a body of information as a whole, for a particular domain name A Web site is a place made up of Web pages These pages can contain graphics, text, audio, video and other dynamic and static materials The word 'site' can also refer to an FTP site or archive site, which is a directory on a computer somewhere which has been set up to allow users to access by logging in and retrieving or uploading files to it.
  • A web site This is a collection of web pages Unlike a book you are invited to browse web pages in a non-linear fashion by following links between pages according to your whim You access a site from its home page, which is usually the place you are taken by typing in the web address given in correspondence or advertisements The SCUDD home page, for example, is at http://art ntu ac uk/scudd/ From this page there are links to other pages on the same site and to the sites created and administered by the various members of SCUDD.
  • Every location on the Internet is a site and has a standardized URL that identifies the site A site may be as simple as one document or web page on an Internet-connected computer or as complicated as the many web pages that belong to the IBM or Microsoft site Sites are composed of Web pages and other machine readable materials, each of which has a unique URL. a single musical instrument made of tower bells , or a collection of such bells in one place Except in the case of great bells and three 6-bell rings in North America, all sites listed in these pages contain at least 8 bells If a new instrument replaced an older one in the same tower, both are included in the same site rather than being counted separately, even if there was a gap of many years between removal and replacement NOTE: In the context of the World Wide Web, the word 'site' is often used to mean either a host computer and all the Web pages resident on it, or a home page and all the pages dependent from it on the same host In an attempt at clarity, we will not use meaning , and will use the composite word Website when meaning is intended.
  • A location where human activities once took place and left some form of material evidence A location which has yielded artifacts and either is, has, or will undergo excavation or is being conserved for the future Known sites should not be disturbed by amateurs or surface hunted Sites can be registered and can have a site number or code associated with them.
  • As used in a Licensing Agreement, a site is a physical location affiliated with the Licensee where the Licensee may permit access to digital information to Authorized Users. a TWiki installation consisting of one or more TWiki webs.
  • A 'site' on the Web refers to a collection of pages that forms a cohesive whole A site may have many sections, each of which may have many pages Back to Top.
  • the piece of land on which something is located ; 'a good site for the school'. physical position in relation to the surroundings; 'the sites are determined by highly specific sequences of nucleotides'. a computer connected to the internet that maintains a series of web pages on the World Wide Web; 'the Israeli web site was damaged by hostile hackers'. assign a location to; 'The company located some of their agents in Los Angeles'.
  • housing development housing estate. housing complex.
  • The posture or position of a thing. physical position in relation to the surroundings; 'the sites are determined by highly specific sequences of nucleotides' the piece of land on which something is located ; 'a good site for the school'.
  • A place fitted or chosen for any certain permanent use or occupation; as, a site for a church.
  • The place where anything is fixed; situation; local position; as, the site of a city or of a house.
  • apartment development. citystate.
  • buildings. complex. development.
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