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Kelime Anlamı 

Türkçeden İngilizceye Çeviri Sonucu

propaganda Anlamı

  • advertisement.
  • Information given to show something or someone in a biased way.
  • In the military context, the deliberate effort to advance one's own cause by spreading information or disinformation which will damage the enemy's cause Propaganda is not a function of Army public affairs.
  • Written or spoken pieces that are intended to influence the reader or listener strongly.
  • Any information, ideas, doctrines, or special appeals spread to influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes, or behavior of any specified group to benefit the sponsor, either directly or indirectly.
  • Persuasive communication designed to influence political behaviour, usually on a large scale. generation of more or less automatic responses to given symbols.
  • A way of presenting a belief that seeks to generate acceptance without regard to facts or the right of others to be heard Propaganda often presents the same argument repeatedly, in the simplest terms and ignores all rebuttal or counter-argument It is essentially self- interested and often associated with authoritarian regimes Propaganda is often used to convey official descriptions of reality, when it may be allied with bureaucratic control of media, censorship of opposing opinions and deliberate misinformation.
  • Control of information, ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause.
  • information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause.
  • professional expenditure. propaganda. publicity.
  • Hence, any organization or plan for spreading a particular doctrine or a system of principles. information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause.
  • The college of the Propaganda, instituted by Urban VIII. to educate priests for missions in all parts of the world.
  • A congregation of cardinals, established in 1622, charged with the management of missions.
  • propaganda.
  • propaganda. canvassing. agitprop. publicity. boost. build-up.
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