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piston Anlamı

  • United States neoclassical composer. mechanical device that has a plunging or thrusting motion.
  • The part that moves up and down in a cylinder. a sliding piece moved by or moving against fluid pressure which usually consists of a short cylinder fitting within a cylindrical vessel along which it moves back and forth.
  • A device used to convert hydraulic power to mechanical power Used to push the ram down and pull the ram up.
  • A disc which moves backwards and forwards inside a hollow cylinder.
  • A round or cylindrical plug, which closed at one end and open at the other It slides up and down in the cylinder It is attached to the connecting rod and when the fuel charge is fired, will transfer the force of the explosion to the connecting rod then to the crankshaft. a part which moves through the cylinder where it receives and transmits the pressure of the steam.
  • A piston is a cylindrical piece of metal that moves up and down inside an engine's cylinder.
  • A cylindrical part, closed at the top, that moves up and down inside the cylinder to compress the fuel/air mixture and drive the engine by means of a connecting rod, which is attached to the piston at one end and to the crankshaft at the other.
  • An internal part of an internal combustion engine that slides back and forth inside a sleeve If the piston must be replaced, the sleeve must be replaced also.
  • A cylindrically shaped metal piece that is moved back and forth in a cylinder by pressure from explosion of the air/fuel mixture fed into the cylinder then ignited by the sparkplug Or in other applications, from the introduction of liquid or air In an engine, an explosion in the cylinder forces the piston downward , which in turn moves the crankshaft powering the car In a hydraulic system, like your brakes, when the brake pedal is depressed, liquid is pushed against a piston, which presses a pad against a rotor, attached to the wheel slowing the car In an air brake system, air is applied to an air chamber, which houses a piston that is moved from air forcing against it This piston is connected via a mechanical linkage to a lever that applies the brakes.
  • The piston moves in the cylinder to carry power to the connecting rod see cylinder, connecting rod, four cycle engine.
  • Component that rides up and down in the cylinder.
  • A round metal cylinder which is attached to the top end of the connecting rod, inside of the cylinder The piston compresses the air - fuel mixture on the upward motion, and is pushed downward when the air - fuel mixture explodes This downward motion then drives the crankshaft.
  • A partly hollow cylindrical part closed at one end, fitted to each of the engine's cylinders and attached to the crankshaft by a connecting rod Each piston moves up and down in its cylinder, transmitting power created by the exploding fuel to the crankshaft via a connecting rod.
  • piston. pull. backing. friend at court. sucker. swab. fixer. influence. leverage. plug.
  • It is used in steam engines to receive motion from the steam, and in pumps to transmit motion to a fluid; also for other purposes. mechanical device that has a plunging or thrusting motion United States neoclassical composer.
  • It usually consists of a short cylinder fitting within a cylindrical vessel along which it moves, back and forth.
  • A sliding piece which either is moved by, or moves against, fluid pressure.
  • piston.
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