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Kelime Anlamı 

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mega Anlamı

  • A stage in a Digimon's life after Ultimate Very few Digimon come this far and their powers are usually immense.
  • Multiplier indicating that a quantity should be multiplied by 1,000,000.
  • The MEGA is close to the largest shared hosting package offered by Virtualis This package is good for medium-sized businesses, or those who need more space and options than the smaller packages offer See Also: SHARED SERVER.
  • One million, but with computers it typically means 1,048,576. a prefix utilized in the metric system of measurement which denotes 10 to the power of six or 1 000 000; prefix is M.
  • A prefix meaning one million For example, two megabytes is two million bytes.
  • Designation for one million.
  • A prefix meaning one million or 106; abbreviated as M.
  • Prefix meaning million. a prefix meaning one millon.
  • A prefix indicating a million.
  • A prefix meaning 106 For example megahertz.
  • Prefix meaning one million. prefix meaning one million.
  • A prefix meaning one million.
  • Prefix meaning one million.
  • A million times, a million of; as, megameter, a million meters; megafarad, a million farads; megohm, a million ohms.
  • Combining forms signifying: Great, extended, powerful; as, megascope, megacosm.
  • mega.
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