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mazurka Anlamı

  • mazurka.
  • A national dance of Poland believed to have originated in the sixteenth century It is in triple time, usually in two or four sections and with accent usually on the second or third beat Dancers of the mazurka were allowed to improvise steps, and for this reason the musical form is comparatively elastic Chopin brought the mazurka into the concert hall with his fifty-one works in that form for the piano The twentieth century nationalist composer Karol Szymanowski, also wrote effective mazurkas for the piano. music composed for dancing the mazurka. a Polish national dance in triple time.
  • Type of Polish folk dance in triple meter.
  • A lively Polish dance in 3/8 or 3/4 [back].
  • A split half jump in which the legs are crossed in the air in the opposite direction of a normal split.
  • The Mazurka is a Polish dance In Russia the Polonaise opened the ball, and the Mazurka ended it In the Mazurkathe couples follow the leader in circular formation around the room Sometimes the woman kneels down while her partner executes a chasse around her, and then this figure is reversed.
  • Polish country dance in triple time It first became popular outside Poland in the 18th-century The mazurka was brought into the concert repertoire by Chopin, who wrote 50 or so.
  • mazurka.
  • A Polish dance, or the music which accompanies it, usually in 3-4 or 3-8 measure, with a strong accent on the second beat. a Polish national dance in triple time music composed for dancing the mazurka.
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