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lif Anlamı

  • Liberal Party of Austria.
  • Life Income Fund A registered plan that shelters earnings from tax on a locked-in basis while generating income for the fund holder.
  • Logical Interchange Format An HP-UX term for a standard disk format that can be used for the interchange of files among various HP computer systems.
  • Light Insertion Force, when installing a peripheral, requires light force to insert the device into it's slot/socket Installing expansion cards require LIF in order to seat it properly. loss of IMA frame.
  • A file format for representing a light field It contains both the geometry information, as well as the pixels. n: life, existence 60, 89.
  • Laser induced fluorescence.
  • Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence.
  • fiber. loofah. vegetable sponge. any fibrous scrubbing pad. fibre. film. ligament. strand.
  • The fiber by which the petioles of the date palm are bound together, from which various kinds of cordage are made.
  • fibre. staple. thread. fiber. loofah. luffa.
  • fibroid. fibrous. fiber. fibre. string. thread. staple. washcloth. filament. film.
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