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Kelime Anlamı 

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kilo Anlamı

  • Denotes 1000 units of a measure. one thousand grams; the basic unit of mass adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites; 'a kilogram is approximately 2 2 pounds'.
  • A simple 1,000M race against the clock The best kilo riders are typically those with a high top speed and an extremely high pain tolerance to continue pedaling well beyond their lactate threshold The strategy for the kilo comes well before race day The kilo rider needs to pick the right gear that will allow him to get a good start without wasting too much energy, attain top speed, and then push the gear to the finish line so as not to 'drop anchor' in the final lap He also needs to pick the aero bar that will afford him good leverage and stability for the violent start, not fail, and then become aerodynamic while still being able to breathe heavily and deliver near maximum power to the pedals On race day it's simply a matter of executing on the preparation strategy and mentally pushing through the pain of the last grueling lap.
  • Typically used to mean 1000 In computer applications it stands for 1024.
  • A numerical prefic denoting 1000 Kilohertz -- A term denoting one thousand cycles.
  • Prefix meaning 1000.
  • Multiplier representing 1 x 10 3. kilo is a prefix to a unit of measurement representing 103 in base-10 numbering In computer terms, it's the closest decimal number to 1000 based on base-2 and is equivalent to 210 Usually abbreviated as k.
  • One thousand in the metric system.
  • A thousand.
  • A prefix meaning one-thousand For example, ten thousand bites.
  • Designation for one thousand. 1) Kilogram 2) Kilometer 3) A prefix meaning 'thousand' used in the metric system and other scientific systems of measurement.
  • Short for kilogram A metric unit of weight, approximately 2 2 pounds.
  • Prefix meaning one thousand. a prefix utilized in the metric system of measurement that denotes 10 to the power of three or 1,000; symbol is k. [return to top] Abbreviated 'k' It means one thousand In computer specifications it has an exact value of 1,024 It is used when talking about size of memory or hard drive storage space.
  • A prefix meaning 103 For example, kilohertz.
  • A prefix used to indicate 1000 of the succeeding unit.
  • A prefix indicating 1,000.
  • A metric prefix meaning 1000 or 103.
  • A prefix indicating 1000 in the metric system Because computing is based on powers of 2, in this context kilo usually means 2, or 1024 To differentiate between these two uses, a lowercase k is used to indicate 1000 , and an uppercase K to indicate 1024. one thousand of something.
  • Prefix meaning thousand.
  • kilogram. kilo.
  • A combining form used to signify thousand in forming the names of units of measurement; as, kilogram, kilometer, kilowatt, etc.
  • An abbreviation of Kilogram.
  • kilo.
  • kilo. kilo-.
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