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jargon Anlamı

  • jargon , slang.
  • Specialized language used by job holders or members of particular occupations or organizations.
  • Words and phrases only you and a small circle of friends know Used for flashing around to show who is in and who is out.
  • A specialized vocabulary of those in the same work or profession; redundant or wordy writing.
  • Like all other specialised subjects, the Internet has its own jargon; a somewhat cryptic language describing technical details Some jargon is explained in this glossary. language used by a particular group, often not understood by the general population: computer jargon, English teacher jargon.
  • Technical language evolved by specialists so that they can communicate more accurately and efficiently about their interests or concerns. technical terminology of a special activity or group Also, selection of obscure and often pretentious language, indicated by the use of a large number of unnecessary words to express an idea needing fewer words.
  • The technical language of a special field Learning linguistic terms has been important to our course Groups use specialized lexicon to communicate more directly or accurately, express group solidarity, and maintain status or oppositional identity.
  • Any specialized language of a group that is used to improve the efficiency of communication among members of the group.
  • The language professionals use that no one can ever understand. is the technical or specialist words used by a particular group of people and difficult for others to understand Back to Top.
  • The language used within a particular field Computer Jargon is compiled in the definitive Jargon File. language known only to members of a specific group, company or industry.
  • New words are used in oral speech long before they are acceptable in formal written language When writing, generally avoid using trendy phrases 'dysfunctional situation'), slang , jargon , and new or recently coined words.
  • The special technical language of a profession or a group In academic terms, it refers to the specialist language of various disciplines It should be used with restraint and discretion.
  • The sometimes incomprehensible language used to talk about specialized topics If you need help with computer jargon, check out Jargon, by Robin Williams, a lighthearted and detailed trip through this industry.
  • The language, especially vocabulary of a particular trade, profession or group Jargon is distinct from terminology in that it tends to be colourful, colloquial and visual Its meaning is often confined to an occupational context and even to a locality Often the meaning of the jargon is not understood outside the occupation Examples of occupational jargon are 'beans' a collier's term for small coals; 'dolphins', a group of piles driven into harbors to serve as bumpers for vessels, and 'ginnywink', an A-frame derrick with a fixed rear leg The latter two examples of jargon are from the operating engineers' occupation.
  • The language used within a particular field Computer Jargon is compiled in the definitive Jargon File [Buy the Book].
  • The informal or technical language used by members of the same profession or industry.
  • Language that is used or understood only by a select group of people Jargon may refer to terminology used in a certain profession, such as computer jargon, or it may refer to any nonsensical language that is not understood by most people Literary examples of jargon are Francois Villon's Ballades en jargon, which is composed in the secret language of the coquillards, and Anthony Burgess's A Clockwork Orange, narrated in the fictional characters' language of 'Nadsat '. the technical language of an occupation or group.
  • a characteristic language of a particular group ; 'they don't speak our lingo'. a colorless variety of zircon. specialized technical terminology characteristic of a particular subject.
  • peddler's french.
  • See Zircon. specialized technical terminology characteristic of a particular subject.
  • A variety of zircon.
  • To utter jargon; to emit confused or unintelligible sounds; to talk unintelligibly, or in a harsh and noisy manner.
  • Confused, unintelligible language; gibberish; hence, an artificial idiom or dialect; cant language; slang.
  • jargon.
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