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Kelime Anlamı 

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gut Anlamı

  • good , fine , good , O.K. , OK , okay , sweet , well , manor.
  • The alimentary canal A term used when describing fish larvae. A narrow passage such as a strait or INLET A CHANNEL in otherwise shallow water, generally formed by water in motion.
  • To plunder of contents; to destroy or remove the interior or contents of; as, a mob gutted the house. remove the guts of; 'gut the sheep' empty completely; destroy the inside of; 'Gut the building'.
  • To take out the bowels from; to eviscerate.
  • This, when dry, is exceedingly strong, and is used as the snood of a fish line.
  • The sac of silk taken from a silkworm , for the purpose of drawing it out into a thread.
  • See Catgut.
  • One of the prepared entrails of an animal, esp. of a sheep, used for various purposes.
  • An intenstine; a bowel; the whole alimentary canal; the enteron; bowels; entrails.
  • A narrow passage of water; as, the Gut of Canso.
  • gout.
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