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Kelime Anlamı 

Türkçeden İngilizceye Çeviri Sonucu

flora Anlamı

  • The total plant life of an area at a time 'Vegetation' is more limited, usually meaning the large vascular plants.
  • Plants.
  • The entire plant life of a particular region or geological period.
  • All the plant life of a given place. the total of all different plants of an area versus vegetation, a total of all plants The limitation of a flora can be geographical or artificial For example, the 'flora of Michigan' should not include a plant found even a meter outside of its border, for instance in neighboring Indiana.
  • A list of all plant species that occur in an area. the plants of a particular region or time.
  • The entire group of plants found in an area.
  • Plants of a given region or period of geologic time.
  • The plants of a region. [n] plant life.
  • Plant life. the plant and/or bacteria species that inhabit a particular environment, e g , intestinal flora.
  • A general term for all forms of plant life characteristic of a region, period or special environment Flore.
  • Plant life or vegetation of a region.
  • The plant life of an area.
  • The entire plant population of a given area, environment, formation, or time span.
  • The plants of a particular region, geological period, or environment. the plants that live in a particular area.
  • all the plant life in a particular region. a living organism lacking the power of locomotion. is the total plant life in an area.
  • flora.
  • The complete system of vegetable species growing without cultivation in a given locality, region, or period; a list or description of, or treatise on, such plants.
  • The goddess of flowers and spring.
  • flora.
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