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Kelime Anlamı 

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ego Anlamı

  • I.
  • Latin for I In kinship charts, the point from which one views an egocentric genealogy. [Latin] I.
  • Acronym for exhaust gas oxygen sensor.
  • The experience that one has a separate, individual existence distinct from God ; spiritual ignorance.
  • The exterior consciousness that deals with emotions The ego is also referred as the monster within.
  • A false sense of separateness created by living within delusion. the conscious part of the personality that is derived from the id through contacts with reality and that mediates the demands of the id, superego, and external reality. the part of your personality that acts for or against you.
  • Reflection of and attachment to the soul, responsible for pleasure and pain, recognized by its use of force; gross body carrying physicality; 'false self'; that which is physical and provides instinct Compare Mind. a personality structure that is largely conscious and realistic in responding to the events in the world while trying to satisfy the irrational and unconscious urgings of the id and the prohibitions of the superego.
  • The component of the personality defined in psychoanalytic theory as standing for reason and good sense and as following the reality principle.
  • Freudian theory divides the psyche into three parts: id, ego and superego Ego is the self-concept, the mediator between id, the primitive part, and superego, the conscience. , Self; an individual's inner or mental consciousness In psychoanalysis, the term applied to that part of the structure of the human mind from which conscious urges and desires arise.
  • Exhaust Gas Oxygen; the concentration of oxygen in the exhaust of an engine An EGO sensor is used in closed-loop fuel control systems to indicate rich or lean A/F. part of the mental apparatus that is present at the interface of the perceptual and internal demand systems It controls voluntary thoughts and actions, and, at an unconscious level, defense mechanisms.
  • an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others. your consciousness of your own identity. the conscious mind. the conscious self; the 'I'; the central, experience-filtering complex of consciousness --and the most stable complex because it's grounded in the body sensations A relatively permanent personification The most individual part of the person The ego divides into the ectopsyche and the endopsyche It's an object in consciousness as well as a requirement for it Its two main constituents are bodily sensations and memory. the belief in the reality of the separated or false self, made as substitute for the Self Which God created; the thought of separation that gives rise to sin, guilt, fear, and a thought system based on specialness to protect itself; the part of the mind that believes it is separate from the Mind of Christ; this split mind has two parts: wrong- and right-mindedness; almost always used to denote ' wrong-mindedness,' but can include the part of the split mind that can learn to choose right-mindedness.
  • ego.
  • The conscious and permanent subject of all psychical experiences, whether held to be directly known or the product of reflective thought; opposed to non-ego. the conscious mind an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others.
  • ego.
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