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  • Digital Elevation Model : A model of terrain relief in the form of a MATRIX Easch element of the DEM is regared as a node of an imaginary grid The gird is defined by identifying one of its corner , the distance between nodes in both the X and Y directions, the number of nodes in both the X and Y directions and the gird orientation. them.
  • Demonstration / Graphics.
  • German marks.
  • Demurrage.
  • The ISO 4217 currency code for Deutschemark. demonstrative. 3-Dimensional image showing elevation and relief.
  • Digital Elevation Model See digital terrain model. digital elevation model - This term is used very generally to describe a great variety of terrain files and file formats There are also a number of mutually incompatible file formats that use the dem file name extension.
  • DEM means 'Digital Elevation Model' It is a 'grid' of points that contains both horizontal and vertical data about the earth's surface DEMs are commonly used for the creation of 'ortho' photos A sketch of a DEM is shown below:. is short for digital elevation model, a data exchange format developed by the United States Geological Survey for geographical and topographical data.
  • Digital Elevation Model A digital representation of a continuous variable over a two-dimensional surface by a regular array of z values referenced to a common datum Digital elevation models are typically used to represent terrain relief The format of the USGS digital elevation data sets.
  • Digital Elevation Model data A database of elevation data represented by a regularly-spaced set of x,y,z locations.
  • Digital Elevation Model A GIS raster layer representing elevation This is a common GIS product created at a variety of scales.
  • Digital Elevation Model See Chapter 6.
  • Digital Elevation Model data DEMs are continuous raster layers in which data file values represent elevation DEMs are available from the USGS at 1:24,000 and 1:250,000 scale, can be produced with terrain analysis programs, and IMAGINE OrthoMAX.
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