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Kelime Anlamı 

Türkçeden İngilizceye Çeviri Sonucu

atma Anlamı

  • Atma.
  • The Self. the self ;soul.
  • The spiritual principle. soul, an integral part of Brahma present in all.
  • Universal spirit The divine Monad The seventh principle, so-called in the septenary constitution of man. another name for the Soul.
  • Inner Reality , , Soul, but also: body, spirit, senses End of the I-illusion; Self-remembrance in unity with Krishna Atma: 'the Sun of Suns, the Effulgence of Effulgences; it is the Supreme Light, the Swayamjyothi, the Self-effulgent' Atma: Unconquerable, indestructible, unlimited, the Existence-Knowledge-Bliss-wave of the ocean that is God.
  • The soul which is considered immortal.
  • the act of throwing / expelling / boosting. crosspiece. blasting. blow-up. ballistic. elimination. warp. expulsion. ejection. pulsation. rejection. launching. dropping. sling. bowing. trimming. surge. shunt. pitching. heave. casting. shooting. get.
  • cast. discharge. elimination. expulsion. fling. projection. throw. toss.
  • throwing. projectile. throwing. throw. shoot. chuck. cast. ejectment. banishment. bragging. elimination. postpone. fling. heave. heaving. hurl. inset. ouster. pelt. shy. volley.
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