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Kelime Anlamı 

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adi Anlamı

  • Attitude direction indicator. alternate delay interval.
  • Australian Defence Industries Ltd. 'Place of' or 'village of ' Used with village names like Adi Abun, 'Bishop's-ville'.
  • Assistance Dogs International.
  • A small box-like device that replaced the modem at UC with the advent of the IBX telecommunications system in July, 1988.
  • Approved Driving Instructor.
  • AutoCAD's Device-Independent Binary Plotter Format, a vector format generated by AutoCAD.
  • Adi literally means one with a beginning After one realizes intellectually that one is not distinct from God , the adi illusion begins That is, although one knows one is not different from God, one does not experience it.
  • Acceptable daily intake.
  • A television market, as defined by Arbitron, a firm which measures TV audiences Each ADI is assigned Arbitron's three-digit numeric code.
  • Approved Driving Instructor.
  • Acceptable Daily Intake.
  • Attitude Director Indicator.
  • ordinary. usual. normal. habitual , inferior. common. low quality. commonplace. mean. base. banal. cheap. coarse. crummy. deferred ordinary shares. despicable. hackneyed. low. petty. pitiable. pitiful. poor. profane. prosaic. rubbishy. schlock. scurv.
  • atrocious. banal. base. cheap. coarse. common. contemptible. despicable. dirty. low. mean. measly. monstrous. poor. scurvy. shabby. shoddy. sordid. stale. tacky. tawdry. vile. vulgar. worthless. low-down. ordinary. customary. usual. cheapjack. third-rate.
  • tawdry.
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