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Hint Anlamı

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  • VARCHAR2 Text of the hint.
  • In dynamic addressing, an address that a node will test for uniqueness first The hint is either the last successful address the node used previously or a particular address that is specific to a particular model of device.
  • Usually refers to a delayed attempt to assist the learner in obtaining the acceptable or correct response by supplying additional information or calling attention to certain parts of the information the learner already has. A declaration by the 1st or 2nd player indicating the approximate number of tricks the player expects to take.
  • The hardest of several possible ways to do a proof.
  • an indirect suggestion; 'not a breath of scandal ever touched her'. a slight indication. a slight but appreciable addition; 'this dish could use a touch of garlic'. a just detectable amount; 'he speaks French with a trace of an accent'. an indication of potential opportunity; 'he got a tip on the stock market'; 'a good lead for a job'. drop a hint; intimate by a hint. In the X protocol, certain properties, such as the preferred size of a window, which the window manager might not guarantee.
  • India.
  • Indian.
  • A remote allusion; slight mention; intimation; insinuation; a suggestion or reminder, without a full declaration or explanation; also, an occasion or motive. a slight indication an indirect suggestion; 'not a breath of scandal ever touched her' drop a hint; intimate by a hint.
  • To make an indirect reference, suggestion, or allusion; to allude vaguely to something.
  • To bring to mind by a slight mention or remote allusion; to suggest in an indirect manner; as, to hint a suspicion.
  • indian. india.
  • rhesus.
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